Adjacent to the splendid villa of Cocceio, which hosted Orazio and Virgilio on their journey from Rome to Brindisi, Votino Company located in Sannio Caudino. Situated on the slopes of Mount Taburno, in a small town in the province of Benevento, the company produces superior quality wines, thanks to its geographical position and climatic conditions.

The characteristics of our territory



Prolonged exposure to the sun in ideal microclimates traces a harmonious personality for wines that enclose the heart of the lands of origin.

The Climate

Heat is very important for the vine. At too high or too low temperatures the screw cannot proceed in its vegetative cycle.


The great variety of grapes makes it easier to combine our wines with all types of culinary traditions.

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Votino Company


Via Fizzo 14, 82013 Bonea (BN).

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